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Site civil engineer and surveyor - design of a 160 bed facility including two sanitary sewers pump stations, 2 miles of sanitary force main, approximately 1 mile of waterman, storm water treatment via a phase 1 detention/ infiltration pond.

  • Performed property survey
  • Performed topographic survey of entire site with wetland location
  • Design site plan with grading and utilities
  • Performed Phase 1 full SWPPP with a treatment pond.  Designed two sanitary pump stations with generators and two miles of sanitary force main.
  • Design water meter pit with water main for site.
  • Developed lighting plan
  • Presented project to planning board, NYSDOT, DCHD and NYSDEC for approvals
  • Construction stakeout of all site improvements
  • Construction inspection and design alterations as needed
  • Final asbuilt surveys of site
  • Testing of water mains, sanitary sewers and certification of all site utilities
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